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Elina Miettinen of ABT, for Esprit de Corps. No Photoshop. Join us: http://kck.st/18j0bNQ #ballet #fitness
Like this post?  I’m trying to produce 100s more of these photos & you can get some awesome stuff in the process: books, postcards, temporary tats, prints, gym bags, etc.  But we’ve only got 6 days left and a long way to go (these shoots are very expensive).  Check it and help us by spreading the word to your friends here and on FB and Twitter! Here’s the link again and please make sure to add what you like about it! http://kck.st/18j0bNQ

As a photographer and a ballet dancer, Esprit de Corps is very important to me. I’m not involved with the project in any way, but it perfectly captures my love of dance with my love of creative photography. It exposes ballet in a way that has never been done before.
If each of my Followers donated $1.50, they’d make their goal and the world would be a better place for having such a lovely book of ballet photography published.
These photos are all done in one frame with a long exposure. Basically, the camera begins recording as the dancer prepares for the movement, and it doesn’t stop recording until the dancer is done. But it’s not a video. It’s a single, haunting image showing the dancers as figures tracing their own movements. The only editing that is done is to fix color and contrast; nothing is manipulated or added to the photos.
So if you can spare a buck and a half, please do.
If you can spare $13 for some digital wallpapers of the photos, please do.
If you can spare $20 for a few temporary tattoos (still of the photos, which is so cool!), please do.
If you can spare more than that (which means you’ll be getting amazing rewards like posters, gym bags, and more), please do.
But if you can’t spare the minimum donation of $1, please do something for me: get the word out. There are only a few days left for this group to reach their goal, and they need our help. Please reblog this, Pin it, share the Kickstarter page with your friends and family on Facebook, heck, type up some information about it and hang up flyers at your studio or local dance store. Just help spread this everywhere.
Let’s make this work of art come to life.

"Are you wearing the Ch…"Chanel Boots? Yeah, I am.

The BRIT Awards  February 9, 2005


"I came in like a wrecking ball"
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